It can be frustrating to finally find a convenient pet sitting service, only to discover the hard way that they don’t do everything that you hoped that they would. Whether their care schedule seems too distant from your own routine, or you just prefer something different, it can be challenging to find the pet care provider.

That is why Delta Pet Care acts as your all-in-one local Delta, BC, area pet professionals. We’re more than just a better dog sitting service; we take care of all of your pets the way that they deserve to be treated.


From onsite doggy daycare services to staying overnight in your home, we want your pets to be at ease whenever we care for them. We understand that leaving for a trip or having an unexpected interruption can really shake pets up emotionally.
Whatever you need from us, we’ll gladly make the most of our time with your pets. Choose us for the best options in pet care services, including:

  • Dog Walking
  • Cat Sitting
  • Dog Sitting
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Kennels
  • Pet Daycare
  • And more quality pet care options.

Whether you just need an hour, a day, or any other length of care, we are here for you and your loved ones.


One aspect of dog ownership that most people struggle with is balancing time to walk their favorite pooches. Unfortunately, each day there’s a struggle to win your attention between life and work and your pets.

When you need help keeping your dog fit and active, choose us for professional dog walking service. We offer friendly service for a variety of dogs, making for a fun walk every time.


We get it; not all pets are comfortable leaving home. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t!
When you choose us, we can come to them with better in-house pet sitting services. Whether you need us for a short amount of time, or we need to stay all night, we’re here for you and your pets.

Simply give us your specific instructions, and it’ll be like you never left. Enjoy an evening out on the town!


When you bring your beloved pets to us, we act as more than just your average dog kennel company. We understand that no two pets are quite the same; so why do you want to pay for cookie cutter care services?

Our experience owning and assisting animals gives us the tools and know-how we need to treat your pets the way that you would. That is why, if you have a friendly pet that is comfortable staying on our premises, we have a fun group setting to introduce them to.

We care for a variety of animals, each one receiving personalized attention. Whether you need somewhere to drop your cat off for the day while you head out of town, or need to kennel your dog so you can go on vacation, they’ll enjoy their time apart as much as you will.