Doggie daycare has become almost as essential as a preschool for children. However, with so many choices in doggy daycare, how are you supposed to know who to choose?

Picking out the right dog daycare provider is among the most important decisions as a pet owner. But not all daycare services are created equally. Most Doggy Day Care Centres that operate out of Ladner and Tsawwassen are either indoor small spaces with small patches of grass outside and some don’t even have that. While this may be a fine option for your dog if you are just looking for a little exercise and socialization, but if you are looking to have your dog ran and get a lot of exercise, fresh air AND socialization as well as seeing and smelling new things every day, you may want to consider a mobile doggy day care. With our mobile doggy daycare, we pick up your dog in the morning and take him to different parks and recreational areas around the city on a 1-2 hour excursion. Your dog will be fully exhausted at drop off after playtime.

Delta Pet Care strives to offer the best pet daycare services in the greater Delta, BC, area. With experienced professional pet sitting and dog services, we know exactly what your pets need.

​Our experienced staff knows how to care for different breeds of dogs and they will feel right at home each time. To reserve your spot in our pack fill out our form—–>


Dogs are more intelligent than we often give them credit for. They also have a variety of daily needs, including socializing, dog walks, exercising, finding new smells, and keeping their attention engaged in healthy ways.

Most “bad” pets are often just misunderstood. Chances are, they just have more pent-up nervous energy that needs to be expressed. Sometimes owners don’t know how to handle this and some unfortunate situations can occur.

One option for helping with these issues is mobile doggie daycare. It is the healthy alternative that more dogs love. By giving your dogs ample space to run and play, as well as many other local pets to socialize with, they’ll have a great time when we care for them. Reserve your spot and get your quote today ———


We offer a variety of different options and prices based on your dogs individual needs. We usually include an hour long off leash pack walk daily included in the price but we also have cheaper options if your dog doesn’t need a long walk and just socializing at
other dogs through out the day is enough. Please inquire about rates and needs as we can tailor fit it to your schedule and dogs needs most of the time and base our price around that.

We scout the city and off leash areas and find the best areas to offer all of our dogs plenty of space to run around freely and play in a safe, monitored environment. Our team is experienced enough to look for early signs of potential aggression, as well as ensuring that all of your pets have a great time.

Think of us as a day camp for your dog. When they spend time with us, we’ll make sure that they leave happy, albeit a little more tired out than when they first showed up.


 Because dog daycare services can help engage your pet in ways that they normally are not, we recommend dog daycare at least once every few months. It’s in no way a requirement of dog ownership; merely a convenient way to keep your dog healthy.

Those who often find themselves struggling to find time to give your pet the sort of attention that they should frequently rely on dog daycare services. Dogs can’t always understand when you’re buried in work, chores, or other “must do” tasks.

Instead, dog daycare can be just as beneficial for you, the owner. If you know you’re going to be busy, it can help to remove your pet from the home for a few hours. Or if you are going away for an extended period of time you can also consider our “just like’ dog boarding option.

Whether you need some time alone, have to be out of the house long hours for work, or just need a “dog” break, choose Delta Pet Care for the best in dog daycare services!