If you’ve looked into Dog boarding and feel it is the right fit for you and your family, look no further than Delta Pet Care for your dog boarding options in Tsawwassen. If you would like to reserve a spot for your dog,  book online by filling out our dog intake form. We will pencil you and contact you to meet prior to your departure.

Some pets just cannot be left in dog kennels. Whether they are of a larger size, timid, hate the sound of other dogs barking or whining, don’t like small spaces, or just can’t stand being inside dog kennels, it just may not be a possibility for your pets. Luckily there are better solutions for your loved one!

When you need services similar to dog boarding , who can you turn to when your pet can’t stay in a dog kennel? Part of Delta Pet Care’s better pet sitting services includes offering them a home away from home.

If you’ve decide a dog kennel isn’t for you and your pet, or you are just looking for more personalized care, we have the solution for you. We offer in-home dog sitting with caring dog lovers who all love dogs!


Staying in a home with a family that loves pets can be a great way for your pet to endure their time away from you.  This way, your pet receives the level of care and attention that they need in a warmer environment with plenty of love and cuddles.

When you choose us and our in-home boarding, your pet is getting their own private vacation away from everyday life. This home features a large, open yard, and a loving, caring family with experience caring for animals.

Without leaving your animal behind in a central doggy daycare facility, they can enjoy their time apart from you without becoming overly stressed. Space is limited as we like to keep the numbers small to be able to give your dog the care, love and attention that they need in your absence so book today to reserve your spot. Someone will contact you shortly after for an initial meeting.


If you’ve tried leaving your pets behind with a friend, or if your pet tends to act up while you’re gone, chances are they aren’t in the right environment. When dogs, cats, and other common pets become overly stressed or anxious, they tend to have more “accidents” or even begin chewing through your belongings.

Even a pet that is usually “low maintenance” can find themselves acting out or creating a real mess while you’re away. Instead of punishing them for something that’s out of their control, we offer a better solution.

Our family’s home is ideal for pets who need running space and affection. They care for many of our clients’ pets, and they are no stranger to animals.

Unlike with dog walking, dog daycare, or even dog sitting services, your pets aren’t confined to an unfamiliar boarding facility. Instead, their care is more akin to taking a trip to grandma’s house.


Our caretakers and dog lovers have the experience you can rely on to care for your best friend. Even if we happen to have multiple pets at the same time, your furry one will be made to feel right at home. We also have more than one family that can take in dogs so your dog can always get enough love and attention.

Your pets will always be well supervised, and we have everything taken care of. Even if we need to step out while your dog is staying with us we have special dog cameras so we can see what your dog is up to while we are gone for short periods of time. The majority of the time though someone will be at home with your dog. So rest assured they will be in good hands. Choose Delta Pet Care for the best in at-home boarding!