At Delta Pet Care, we strive to offer the best pet care services in the South Delta, BC area. But in order to do just that, it starts with a devotion to loving animals.

How many times has a dog kennel, dog daycare, or other pet sitting services left a lot to be desired? Sometimes, people offer pet daycare centers without knowing what animals need.

Instead, we’ve taken a natural passion for animals to take dog sitting to the next level. We love all manner of pets, and we do our best to make them feel right at home.

Because not all animals prefer dog boarding services, we offer in-home dog walking and dog sitting as well as cat sitting options. In fact, we can look after almost any type of pet that you have. Our goal is to always do what’s best for your furry loved one, even if it means coming to you.

We never want to put undue stress or anxiety on your pet. That is why, if the idea of dog kennels sets them on edge, we can stay with them instead. We would prefer to offer them their own private doggy daycare at home than have them worry.
By offering more quality pet services for less, we can act as your all-in-one pet care provider. When other places serve as a dog shampooer with kennels, our emphasis is on keeping things business as usual.

​Most animals need a daily routine to keep themselves calm. That is why, just the sight of suitcases, moving boxes, and other indications of a different routine can cause a lot of nervous energy.

Whatever you and your pet may need, we are here to help you both cope better. With compassionate care and adherence to their set routines, we can make your time apart a little more comfortable. We offer affordable rates for all our services.

Our love of all animals is also what helps set us apart from other pet services. Other places only allow dogs and cats, leaving the other pet owners with nowhere to go.

Instead, you can always depend on us to take care of any animal that you may own. With experience in handling a variety of common house pet types, your favourite pet will always be in good hands.

We have all had poor dog boarding experiences, and that is partially why we first started taking care of our community’s pets. We want everyone to have someone to rely on when they, and their pets, need a helping hand.
Other pets merely can’t be confined to a kennel or other temporary boarding options. That is why we work with other dedicated pet owners to create a network of compassionate caregiving.

If your pet needs more leg room and even socialization, we can assist with family-based boarding options. We can introduce you to a similarly excited pet caregiver to allow them to have a short vacation as well.
You can trust a service that is based on love and care. We have the experience you can depend on to give your pets the best care possible every day.